EXCITING PROGRESS on our first project!

We are excited to announce a new development in our mission to conserve forests! Your support for saving the remaining trees in Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park has been instrumental in moving this project forward! Our Forest Fund plus partners from the original Kitsap Forest and Bay Coalition and other community groups have joined together to ramp up a new campaign to purchase the timber rights at the park.

Your donations — $57,000 and counting — will now go towards the new community goal of raising $500,000 by October 31st, 2022. This is a portion of the total acquisition costs for the timber rights to 756 acres of trees.

As you know, conserving and stewarding forests is critical in the fight against the climate crisis. Permanently protecting these trees through the purchase of timber rights increases the health and resilience of these lands for future generations.

Black bear cub clinging to a tree trunk
We all need our home!

Now it is up to us as the community to bring it home: $500,000 by October 31st. With your continued support, we can do this! Please click on the red DONATE NOW! tab at the bottom of the screen and make your tax-deductible donation. Let’s save some trees!

Thank you!

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