Online Auction: Art for Trees

Local Kitsap artist Jan Hurd recently contacted Our Forest Fund with a generous and creative donation of four paintings to auction off to raise money for the tree campaign!

Our Forest Fund is pleased to offer by online auction these lovely works by Jan. They are watercolor and colored pencil with photographic background of scenes from Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.

Leaning Stump & Old Growth Cedar
(1) Leaning Stump & (2) Old Growth Cedar
paintings 3&4
(3) Cedar Stump & (4) Clearcut
  1. “Leaning Stump” framed (wood) 18.25”x21”
  2. “Old Growth Cedar” framed (wood) 10”x15”
  3. “Cedar Stump” framed (wood) 11”x14”
  4.  “Clearcut” framed (metal) 15”x17”

To place your bid:

  • Simply email with Subject: Bid for [name of painting you are bidding on], along with the amount of your bid.
  • Minimum bid is $400.
  • Bidding is open until midnight October 30, 2022.
  • We will notify high bidders on October 31, 2022.
  • Proceeds go toward the purchase of timber rights at Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.
  • Donations received by midnight October 31st are matched x8!

For more information about the artist Jan Hurd, please visit

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