Calling All Volunteers: Tree Planting Event!

Our Forest Fund is pleased to announce our next tree planting event, set for Saturday, March 11, 9am-noon.  We will be planting western white pines and other native trees in some of the 756 acres which were saved by the 2022 tree campaign. The areas will just have been ecologically thinned by the county parks department. This will allow more space and sunlight for new, non-Douglas fir trees to come up, thereby promoting a diverse, healthy forest.

If you have never planted trees before, don’t worry!  We will train you!

tree planting shovel
A tree planting shovel is a great tool to have!

Please come join us at the main trailhead (“Bayview”) on Highway 104 orange gate at the park entrance on the Port Gamble-Suquamish spur road (between Hwy 104 and Bond Rd) by 9am. Wear boots, workgloves and weather appropriate workclothes. If you have a shovel, particularly a narrow bladed one, bring it along, otherwise we will provide.  The terrain will be a bit rough, so you can expect a good workout.  Hot cider will be provided!


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  1. David Vliet

    Looking forward to it! Thanks for educating the public about the benefits to thinning to have a more diverse and healthy forest.

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