About Us

We three founders of Our Forest Fund believe that live trees are worth far more than timber to our communities and to the earth itself.

Alia Pirzada
Alia Pirzada, Co-chair & Webmaster


Co-Chair Alia Pirzada: “I live in the woods outside of Poulsbo and have always loved the forest. When I watched a clearcut destroy acres & acres of forest and wildlife habitat immediately nextdoor, I began to work on forest funding & reforestation.  I am the webmaster of ourforestfund.org.”


Kim Greenwood, Co-Chair
Kim Greenwood, Co-Chair & Treasurer

Co-Chair &Treasurer Kim Greenwood says, “I love the forest. I like the way it looks, feels and smells.  To me, it’s a place to let my mind run free while running and walking, to hear quiet and, if lucky, see wildlife.  It’s a treasure, but one that is slipping away with every harvest.

I’ve volunteered as a Stream Steward and a Salmon Docent and Beach Naturalist through WSU Extension, so I know how integrated our water is with the forest. I co-founded Our Forest Fund because I want to save as many trees as possible.”


Lynn Schorn
Lynn Schorn, Co-Chair & Secretary

Co-Chair & Secretary Lynn Schorn:  “I guess I am a tree hugger. Those old trees tell me stories of the past, present and now I am hoping that we can help them have a future. As a Physical Therapist, along with regular exercise, I prescribe “Time in Nature” as a necessary element for human health. Science has documented that time in nature and the forest decreases blood pressure and has a calming effect on the human mind. These days, my time in nature is my most cherished time of every day!

I’ve been involved since 2007 in the process of raising money to buy parkland in Port Gamble, WA. I recognize that it takes compromise & understanding and teams & partners working together to create positive environmental outcomes.”