Let’s Keep the Trees Standing

Perhaps you’ve come upon the disorienting devastation of clearcut acreage in Kitsap County, neighboring counties, or on a roadtrip. It looks like the aftermath of an explosion:

We recognize that timber companies are businesses. We recognize that they see the highest value of a forest in boardfeet of lumber, in dollars and stock share price.  We accept this.

However, we believe the trees are more valuable to the community and to the environment as a live forest than as cut logs. Our Forest Fund wants to buy the timber rights to forested acreage in Kitsap County and keep the trees standing in perpetuity.

In the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, we may only have this one opportunity to accomplish this.

We’re All in This Together

Forest fire and smoke on mountainside
With so much forest lost to fire and bark beetle infestation, we need to stop using forests as a crop and start conserving them for their ecosystems services.

Millions of acres of forest in Washington State burned this summer, as well as in Oregon, California and other states. We all suffered the surreal, wretched air quality which resulted. This amply demonstrated that the whole planet is one ecosystem which we all share. An environmental disaster anywhere is a disaster for all of us, everywhere. 

And while the realization is daunting that deforestation in Brazil, Australia and anywhere else is also our problem, the good news is this: We can act locally and the whole planet benefits.  Forest spared here, new trees planted here,  contribute to the worldwide solution. That is empowering!

A man sitting in a large mossy tree
Let’s save the trees we have!

What You Can Do

This is your opportunity. You can make a tangible, enduring contribution to mitigating climate change with a donation to Our Forest Fund to keep more trees from being felled. Don’t just shake your head, throw up your hands and say, “I give up.” Get motivated. Take action and join us at Our Forest Fund.