Tree Planting: CHANGE OF VENUE

There is a slight change of starting point for those of you coming to plant trees in the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park on March 11. Because we will be planting just off the intersection of G1000 and G1700 roads, north of Mordor trail, the closest entrance to the area will be on the Port Gamble-Suquamish spur road between Hwy 104 and Bond Rd.  Some people refer to it as “by the quarry”.Map showing meeting place and planting area

There will be an Our Forest Fund person at the Bayview parking lot to redirect volunteers who miss this update.

Remember: Saturday, March 11, 9am -12noon. Wear workboots, workgloves and weather appropriate workclothes. See you there!


Sun through a thinned forest
An ecologically thinned forest allows sunlight to reach the new trees we plant!

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