Tree Planting Event: Work Off That Extra Piece of Pie!

We’re on track to have a great tree-planting event coming up next weekend!

Here are the details:

  • Who: YOU, first and foremost! Along with Kitsap County Parks forest stewards and and a great range of volunteers young and old!
  • When: Saturday, Nov 25, 2023 from 9am to 12pm
  • Where: We’ll be meeting up at the main “Bay View” parking lot on Hwy 104. See the map below. The area where we will be planting is up on G1000 approximately near markers G5 and H4 (near G1500). Volunteers are welcome to walk the whole way, but it is a bit of a walk (about 2 miles). To save your energy for planting, we will have vehicles to shuttle folks up there.
  • How: We will be tromping around to find a good spot and then, using long narrow shovels, we’ll pop in a Western red cedar sapling.  Voilà: a legacy is planted!
  • Why: As this has been a Douglas fir monoculture plantation for quite some time, we will be increasing forest diversity to promote forest resilience and a healthy understory.
  • What to wear and bring: Dress for the weather (longterm forecast right now predicts cool, mostly dry and partly sunny, but this can of course change.) Wear boots and work gloves.
    tree planting shovel
    A tree planting shovel is a great tool to have!

    If you have a tree-planting shovel or a spare 5 gal bucket, bring ’em along, otherwise we will provide.  We will be providing hot cider and cookies, but if you need more, bring what you want.

Come on out and have fun making the planet a little bit better!

Please drop us a quick email at or leave a comment on this post here to let us know you are planning on joining us, so we can make sure we have enough cider for everyone.

Map showing Bay View parking lot

2 Replies to “Tree Planting Event: Work Off That Extra Piece of Pie!”

    • SavePGTrees

      Thank you, Forrest! It’s not Nov 23, which is Thanksgiving, but Sat Nov 25 at 9am at Bay View parking lot. We will be sending out an email with everything reiterated next week. Hope to see you then!

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