Our Forest Fund Plants 500 Trees

Lynn planting trees
Lynn digs a hole to plant a tree in the area south of the Ride Park in the PGFHP.

Volunteers with Our Forest Fund have been busy planting cedars and white pines to diversify the former Douglas fir plantation which is now the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park. By interspersing other native species in the thinned areas of the park, a more varied and natural forest will grow up. This will provide natural resilience and better wildlife habitat.

Half a dozen volunteers planted 400 white pines south of the Ride Park area and 100 cedars in the Sawdust Hill block March 6-8.  The trees were provided by Kitsap County.

If you would like to help the next time we plant trees, please drop us an email at savingtrees@gmail.com.

Kim planting a cedar
Kim planting a cedar.

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