Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in promoting Our Forest Fund and saving as many acres as possible from being logged, we welcome you!

Would you like to contribute an article or photos to this website? Tell us what the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park or forests in general mean to you.  Add your voice and your images to help save our forest.

social icons on a phone screen
Can you harness the power of social media?

We have a particular need for social media mavens who know how to get the word out. You can help raise awareness of and get it noticed by people who care about forests.

Have you had experience with a crowdsourced funding platform such as Gofundme or are you interested in diving in to research it?  We need you!

Or perhaps you have experience in fundraising event planning? Looking for a worthy excuse to set up a bikeathon or a walkathon?  We have just the venue for you! And you couldn’t ask for a more appropriate goal than raising the funds to keep the trees standing in the park.

The perfect venue for a fundraising bikeathon!