We are thrilled to announce that the $500,000 goal was met ahead of schedule!! This is all due to YOU!! Yes, we did it! $500,000 has been raised and 756 acres of trees in the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park will be conserved!

You have reinforced Our Forest Fund’s belief in the ability of people to come together in common cause for the community and the environment. Your contributions demonstrate the direction of Kitsap County’s future. A future with lots of healthy forest.

Thank you!!!

Alia, Kim & Lynn



  1. jim absher


    Do you have any information about the location of this area? Would love to see a map made available now that we’ve saved half the park from being logged!
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    • SavePGTrees

      Yes, Jim, we do and I am working on updating the “Our First Project” page at the website. It will take a few days, but hopefully by next week the maps will show what the community has saved. Thanks! Alia

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