$306,000, and Counting…

Since we updated you last, Our Forest Fund’s campaign to save 756 acres of trees at Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park has been steaming along!

We received a second $100,000 gift from another family foundation, this time from Whatcom County. They know that trees saved anywhere benefit the environment for all of us everywhere, and they chose to prioritize their funds to accomplish this. We are so grateful!

Through our outreach at farmers markets and trailheads in the park, through benefit concerts at the Schorn Barn and at the Our Forest Fund mushrooming workshop, many of you have contributed — and you have brought Our Forest Fund’s coffers to over $306,000! (For consistency and accuracy, we are updating the donation meter only with verified donations and cleared checks in our Kitsap Community Foundation account.)

With the 8 times match, that is the buying power of $2,754,000. It is really quite stunning what we can accomplish together. A huge THANK YOU to you all!

Add this to the donations received by Forterra, and we are closing in on the $500,000 goal line. We have just another 12 days to raise the rest. Remember, all donations received by Oct 31 will be matched times 8.

Let’s keep up the momentum! As we have all breathed the smoke from distance forest fires the past few weeks, we know that we must conserve the trees we have left. Please spread the word amongst your friends and on social media: Saving forests is possibly the most enduring good most of us will ever do.

Your donation matters, because if we all do what we can, together we will save these trees for our community in perpetuity.

Mail your check to Our Forest Fund, c/o Kitsap Community Foundation, PO Box 3670, Silverdale. Wa 98383, or click on the green button below to donate online right now.

Only 12 more days of superpower 8 times matching!

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